Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tipsters (Tips for Hipsters) #1: Winter Apparel

Hello literate scenesters et al. I have some wintertime advice for you.

Remember, now that winter has almost officially arrived and the weather continues to turn colder, many people who aren't hipsters will start wearing scarves. No longer is it safe to assume that you may strike a conversation about Times New Viking with someone simply because he is wearing a scarf. He may actually be wearing the accessory in order to warm his neck. This can be very confusing! Be sure to check for other telltale hipster signs before beginning your superbly-rehearsed criticism of Spencer Krug's latest endeavor.

If you do find yourself mistakenly approaching someone who doesn't religiously check Pitchfork, you can easily recover by belittling the person in anyway possible. The most important thing is to not allow anyone to notice that you made a mistake, as this would suggest that you are fallible.



  1. Andrew I'm commenting on this post too to tell you to get your act together already.

  2. Really! Get it together! I swear I'll take this off my bookmarks! I check this thing semi-regularly, always hoping that'll you'll have posted something, ANYTHING, but you never do. Hell, I don't care what you post. You can post about what a pushy jerk I am for always telling you to update your blog. I honestly don't care. Just post something.


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Andrew seriously it's been a whole week since I posted. Reply right now or I swear I will annul our entire friendship.

    So anyway I enjoyed hanging with you and Mandie and Jordan on Friday. I also enjoyed hanging out with you her and Teoli on Thursday. Let's do it again sometime. Assuming you update your blog.