Monday, January 25, 2010

Prediction for the 2010s: O Canada

Canada's indie music scene will fade out almost completely. Boeckner, Owen Pallett, Carey Mercer, Islands, A.C. Newman, and Broken Social Scene (+all related projects) will all become completely irrelevant, releasing albums during the first half of the decade to a consistently lukewarm response. Some of these have already started their freefall. They're not going to bounce back. People have grown tired of this scene, or at least have realized that all the ground has been very, very well covered.

Spencer Krug will continue to put out digital EPs and 7"s under new names and with new projects, all only slightly deviating in style from the last. They will be received warmly until the public loses interest upon noticing that not one of these projects ever develops into a well thought-out, consistent album.

Arcade Fire may be counted as an exception, as their success and acclaim in the 00s transcends anything the previously mentioned acts have achieved. But their fanbase will grow little and subsequent recordings will be released to only modest praise.

Oh, and Dan Bejar will finally fulfill his destiny of becoming a nomadic troubadour. Toss a coin his way if you hear him wailing as he shuffles down your street.

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