Sunday, August 23, 2009

Naught To Be Outdone: Pretension and Perk sums up the decade

We all know Pitchfork is the golden standard for music websites. So while some may say, "Hey guys it's only August; why are you doing some end of decade junk", I can just slap them with a link., lol

End of argument.

So here's what you can expect from Pretension and Perk in the coming weeks:
*livejournal: a diary of concert experiences
*20 best albums of the naughts
*The songs that changed how the founder of Pretension and Perk looked at music, and thus led to the creation of Pretension and Perk
*The Bands of the Decade

And probably some other things! We at P'n'P like to think of ourselves as organic writers- unexpected ideas will appear out of the work we put into our other pieces. But, as longtime readers know all to well, sometimes articles we have planned to and/or stated that we will write never appear. You must take the good with the bad.

+Acknowledgments to BenB for coming up with the title for this feature. Where would we be without him?

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  1. you better follow up Andrew. Your mom and I will be on your case.