Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pictures from the Dan Deacon, No Age, and Deerhunter Pool Party Extravaganza

On Saturday, August 1st, a private airport/pool/resort in Medford, NJ hosted the second stop one of the most unique tours of the year. For Dan Deacon, No Age, and Deerhunter's Round Robin shows, all three bands set up simultaneously, creating a constant, "seamless piece of music." Indeed, the Flying W Airport was the place to be; the night saw Dan Deacon playing on a swing set, No Age's Randy Randall thrown into the pool, and Deerhunter's Bradford Cox using detective skills to find the sneak who stole his bag of picks. Pictures by me follow. The camera that took the pixx is owned by fellow blog-runner John Teoli (of Quality New Music).

Opener Ed Schrader delights with all too appropriate songs about gas stations attendants (appropriate because we were in New Jersey) and airplanes (appropriate because we were at an airport)

Dan Deacon, as expected, embraces his inner child.

Could that be BEEEEEEEANNNSS??

Deerhunter was good, but not too photogenic. Also they were slightly obscured by the deck. #excusesforbadphotography

Bad photo of No Age and airplanes, but actually the better of the two No Age photos I took. SORRY FOLKS WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH READERS TO HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER.

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