Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Setlist from Animal Collective last night

Just in case anyone was wondering, here are the songs they played. Hope everyone (or anyone) enjoyed (or actually read) my Twittering last night.

Setlist from memory, with highlights in italics:
In the Flowers
Who Could Win a Rabbit
My Girls
Summertime Clothes
Leaf House
What Would I Want Sky (new)
Lablakely Dress-> Fireworks
Lion in a Coma
Daily Routine
Bleed (new)
Also Frightened


  1. I think Who Could Win a Rabbit warrants italics seeing as it was only the crowd that ruined it.

  2. The crowd was so bad around me during that song that I couldn't even tell if the band/visuals were any good. I was pretty distracted.